My Favorite Things | September 2018 | It is Time for FALL!

FALL! It is my favorite time of year! Sweaters, wool socks, hats and scarves all come out of their summer hibernation to be worn with pride!

It is that time of year where I make a pot of soup, stews and buns to fill our bellies with warmth to keep us from freezing as the temperature drops. 

I love nothing more than waking up to frost on the ground and sipping my tea as I see the squirrels frantically trying to get their last minute finds hidden for the winter months. 

During this time of year I do two things. I prep for Christmas, I plan out all my gifts, what I will need and start doing my estimates. THEN I plan out my fall personal projects that I want to do to keep my occupied over the winter. 

To be honest, this year I am going to spend my winter finishing my unfinished works in progress as I have a terrible case of ‘startprojectitis’ and have about 5-8 projects on the go…the exact number I can’t be sure because there are so many, some I haven’t touched all summer! – for shame!

SO, without further a-do, here is my favorite things I have seen around this past month that I may or may not have added to my project list – I am telling you, I have a problem!!

PATTERN for Pompom Winter Ski Fair Isle by TwoOfWandsShop on Etsy
Cozy Cardigans Free Crochet Patterns - Krazy Kabbage #crochet #cardigan #free #pattern #fall #style #fashion #waffle #loopsandthreads #impeccable #gold #yarn
Cozy Cardigans Free Crochet Patterns - Krazy Kabbage #crochet #cardigan #free #pattern #fall #style #fashion #sweater #lionbrand #flikka #yarn #keepsake
Super easy beginners PDF Sewing Pattern - the Floaty Florence. Make it in floaty fabrics for spring/summer sewing. Or in plaid/flannel/minky for winter/fall sewing. Sizes childs newborn to 12 years. Ladies XXS to 5XL. A really fun sew.
Inspiration for the Oliver + S Playtime Dress sewing pattern.
Delicious homemade Chicken Noodle Soup ready in under 30 minutes! Get the recipe for this easy meal at
EASY Apple Pie Bites made with crescent rolls... these taste better than apple pie!
Slow Cooker Chili Mac is an easy comforting dish made right in your crock pot!! |
I LOVE making this with our Daiya Mac and Cheese kits and adding quinoa chili to it. SO good! 

I hope that gave you all something too look forward to for the upcoming cooler weather!

Until next time!

Keep Stitching!


Shop Update | The Small One

I finally got around to adding a few more things to the shop this weekend. 

Despite the update being small (Only a few things) I am really excited of what is to come. 

I am working on a small stock of warm hats for the winter (perfect for Christmas gifts!!) and with some new fabric and zippers coming in I am hoping to get some bigger bags for the shop soon too!

None the less, here is a little look at one of my favorite prints I got some Fridays Off, the fabric store that I get 99% of my fabric from. 🙂

^ Look at how pretty our Rainbow Sock Yarn looks in this bag all knitted up!!

My Favorite Things | August 2018 | Summertime Fun!

August and I have a love hate relationship. Growing up it meant super hot days in the fields bringing in hay, and it wasn’t all that much fun. 

It also is my birthday month, which meant one day of the month I DIDN’T have to do chores and we got to go to the beach and eat cake if the weather was nice. 

So, in celebration of my birthday month (and not having to haul hay anymore!) I am sharing my absolute favorite things to eat, drink and make on my birthday!

rope coil vessels
I LOVE handmade baskets and I have a similar project ready to make and  I can’t wait!

Raw Carrot Cake Bites
Mmmm I love carrot cake. This was a tasty alternative to the sugar junk filled ones you normally find recipes for!
Have fun this summer with these budget-friendly DIY Summer projects.
I like filling my summer with fun little projects here and there. This is a great way to get the creative juices flowing or for a quick idea to something you already have in mind!
How to Make Woven Wish Bracelets
My daughter was given an adorable friendship bracelet making kit for her birthday so we have really enjoyed spending part of our summer doing that. Even though she’s still quite young, it was nice to make them, brought back memories of when I was a little girl!

My Favorite Things |July 2018 |Canada Day!

Although Canada Day is July 1st and was a few weeks ago (okay, a month ago) I thought it would be fun to share some awesome ideas for Canada!! So if you’re a fellow Cannuck and need some ideas, here are some awesome and easy ideas for your Canada Day celebration! If you don’t celebrate Canada Day, I am sure you can adapt these ideas to whatever celebration you are having!!

12 Canada Day Party easy decor and food ideas.

This Canada Day sundae bar has a fun Red, White and Maple theme perfect for celebrating Canada! Delicious ideas for toppings plus easy DIY decorating ideas.

Toque Cake

Great Canada Day activity for kids! So cute!

My Favorite Things| June 2018 | Birthday Edition

If you have kids you’ll understand both the excitement and frustration of hosting a birthday party for your little ones.

Thankfully with only one kid, this only happens once per year and as a result, we usually go all out for her big day!

June is her birthday month so I thought I would share some of my inspiration! She LOVES Mario and so we walked into this thinking that was what we were going to do. Last minute though, she changed her mind and decided for no theme at all and so we made a simple cake for her with some fun regular birthday decorations. But none-the-less, I had fun planning a Mario party for her.

Inspiré de Super Mario Birthday Party - Collection complète de bricolage forfait…


King Boo lanterns and other decorations for Mario Bros party


Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas

In the end she got this pretty cake, it was chocolate and vanilla on the inside and it tasted amazing. Nothing fancy, but perfectly lovely and she loved it (which is all that matters right?).

Until next time!

Keep Stitching!



My Favorite Things | May 2018 | Welcome Summer!

Well hello there summer! It feels as if we have skipped spring completely and went right to sweltering hot summer!

For those of you that know me, know I dislike the heat. I am a winter loving gal through and through. However the only thing in the summer I look forward to is gardening. I love to spend my days outside working on my beautiful vegetable and berry gardens.

So this months favorites 100% reflect that love of gardening, summer and all things flora and fauna.


No pattern required summer dress

Simple Summer Dress for Girls - Follow this tutorial to learn how to sew a dress that will let her run and play in the summer sun. This free dress pattern only has four pieces, making it quick and easy for beginner sewists.

summer crocheted vest. Free pattern & Video tutorial

Little Girl Summer Top. Free pattern for 2, 4 and 6 years old, video tutorial plus some tips to help you make this top in any sizes.


Monster Ice Pop Holders free crochet pattern from Blackstone Designs Keep the little ones cool during the summer, without freezing tiny fingers! Great for pool parties or summer birthday party favors. These are a huge hit with the kids!  #crochet #monsters #summer #popsicles #birthdayparty


Crochet Summer Diamonds Toddler Dress Free Pattern- #Crochet Girls #Dress Free Patterns

My Favorite Things | April 2018 | Spring and a Little Bit of Everything!

This post is going to be a little bit all over the place, I am in a lull between projects, lacking inspiration and motivation. So I have been doing lots of gardening and getting things ready for summer weather!


SO! Here are some of my favorite things that have caught my eye. Some are going on a project list others onto wish lists.


Enjoy my finds! 😀


This month the blog Pinnekroken have a challenge to knit to the theme «own luxury». I love my Frida mittens, I use them every day but it wouldn’t harm anyone to have another pair.…


Aren’t these mittens divine? They remind me of thrummed mittens!



I love watercolor painting and I adore waterscape paintings! This one is going on a list of paintings I would like to try AND buy!



Who doesn’t like bunnies?!? I thought this would make an awesome easy gift idea! *Wink wink* Looking at you husband!


Ravelry: Project Gallery for Birkin pattern by Caitlin Hunter


I loooooove the idea of color work, however it looks way too hard! This is so beautiful that it feels like it would be worth learning!



Extra large coffee mug 18 oz. with floral impressions. The mug was thrown and trimmed on my potter's wheel using a white stoneware clay. It was then stamped with various wooden stamps and bisque fired. It was painted with a dark blue underglaze on the exterior and then with a clean wet sponge wiped clean to leave the underglaze only in the impressed design (the white color is the natural color of the stoneware). A shiny navy blue glaze was used on the inside and a clear transparent was painte...


Do you like to drink coffee or tea? The potter who made this is SO talented! I love the little details and unique glazing.


Ravelry: koukutettu's Raitasukat -- I want to knit a pair exactly like these!


I love the idea of different colored toe, heel and cuff on socks but haven’t made it happen yet, I can’t imagine adding stripes in there! This pattern is so simple, but that is what makes it so beautiful to me.


Around the World Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern #freecrochetpatterns #crochetblanket #grannysquare


I am in the middle of a granny square blanket that has over 350 squares, I can’t imagine taking on another one right now but the color grading in this is absolutely perfect.


Jeudi - Free Pattern


I am not having any more babies, but I feel like someone in my life needs to have one so I can make this set. Those little booties are to die for! So little!



There is something about miss-matched, but still matching socks that appeal to me. The detail in this pattern is so perfect!


Okay, this is all for what snagged my eye in April! I already have quite the list started for May, LOTS of recipes and goodies for the Summer and Fall (yes yes I know, I am planning for the colder months already!).


As always,


Keep Stitching!



April Showers…

As the saying goes, April showers brings May flowers!

But in this case, the month is indeed April, but the showers are ice pellets and freezing rain and I suspect it is going to bring flooding and a very soggy May!

I have hope that things will dry out before then, but until that happens, we have been hunkered down in the house with warm tea, delicious foods and lots of Netflix. This Mama is not complaining because it has given me lots of time to knit…right?

Nope!!! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do a whole ton of knitting with the weather the way it is, and we late minute decided we needed to paint the main floor of our house so we’ve been hopping from one project to the next for the last couple of weeks!

Although the ice storm was a welcomed break from painting, unpacking the last few boxes and organizing, it bought a whole bunch of other things to the forefront that we’ve not had to deal with a lot in the past.

Much to my husbands whining, I decided I wasn’t going to take the chance in not being prepared for this wild weather, it ended up being much more tame than in other areas around us, but I will count our blessings I guess.

So after all of the laundry and dishes were done, water was bough, food was prepared and kiddo was entertained I sat down and made a list of projects I can work on if our power indeed goes out. It didn’t, by the way, I just like to be prepared!




A fellow knitter on Instagram shared this pattern and I fell in love.

Of course I am blind to my already building project bins of things I need to finish. So I added this to the list of things I want t make and to buy yarn for.

This of course is going to be in the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed because it is affordable, soft AND looks pretty. I just have to choose a color.

The Marine Heather is winning my vote so far. But I haven’t quite given up on my favorite Indigo Heather. So we’ll see!



I saw this in my random searches on Ravelry and if you know me well, you’ll know what a sucker I am for a beautiful lace.

And…well…Look at that!! Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever saw?

I don’t even care if its not a functional sweater that you could wear in sub-zero temperatures, my heart just needs this sweater in my life. SO, on to the list it goes, I might even go with that shade of pink…but I am not entirely sure if it will go with my complexion.

* This was scheduled to post and it did not so I am going to update things below!

I hope you all got through the ice storm safely! I saw quite a few communities lost power and some lake shore towns had some issues with ice coming off the lakes. But all in all it didn’t seem quite as bad as they had made it sound like it was going to be.

By a stark contrast it was 28 here today so summer is well under way to being a warm one!

Until next time!


Keep Stitching!



My Favorite Things | March 2018 | Easter Edition

Hey Everyone!


Welcome to this months My Favorite Things! If you are new around here, welcome!, I am really happy to have you here! Every month I try to share some fun crafty or tasty things that have caught my eye that I want to make!


Since this month we are all preparing for Easter, I thought this month I would make it all about Easter!!


I already have a bunny cookie cutter and so kiddo and I are planning on making these adorable cookies! Check out my Instagram page to see!


I have a fantastic Shortbread Recipe to share with you   from the cookbook  Butter Baked Goods . I've made it   twice already! It's an ...



Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes - pastel striped cheesecakes that are super easy, no baking required! | From



FREE knitting pattern for this Easy Easter Chick Basket! Flat knit & beginner friendly! #knitting



Learn to Crochet a Decorative Easter Egg very easy and very fast #crochet #easter #eastereg #flower #crocheting



Little Lamb Hat Knitting Pattern for babies and toddlers! |



This is the dutch version of the pattern. For the English version, click here! Deze mug cozy is geweldig bij het paasontbijt, of als cadeautje. Maak de cozy, vul de beker met paaseitjes of andere lekkernijen en pak hem mooi in. Bovendien is hij binnen 2 uur te maken, ook heel fijn! De pompom-staart is mijn …



Crochet bunnies Easter garland | Crochet pattern



Easter bunny & flowers, Hand embroidery #naiveneedle



i ManuFatti: Spilla conigliosa

New Product Review – Knit Picks Crochet Hooks

So I might be a little bit late to the game here. Knit Picks has had crochet hooks for awhile now and I just got around to purchasing some.

This spring I have taken on the task to crochet a 8-bit Mario blanket that requires 361 granny squares. SO I figured I would invest in some of the hooks with a rubber handle to help keep the hand pain down.

I first want to say that this is NOT a paid review or advertisement. I purchased these on my own, with my own money (along with far too much yarn!).

These are my thoughts.

I purchased the kit that comes with the hooks and case. When I first opened it, I LOVED how soft the case was. The case that I got with my interchangeables set was a stiff plastic and not everything fit.

This case is butter soft and the zipper and liner were a for sure improvement in my books.

Now, the only thing so far about this that I didn’t like was that the rubber on the hook handles didn’t slide well into the pockets for them. Even going hook first in there, it was a challenge. I opted to put them in the zippered pocket and put my interchangeable needles in the pouches instead.

On to function. They were no different than any other metal crochet hook I have used. The biggest difference and improvement on what I was using previously was that my hands didn’t get sore and tired as fast as they normally do. I usually end up with pain in my wrist and fingers (especially my thumb).

Over all I really like them and other than the inability to slide into the case pouches easily I don’t see any cons with these hooks or the case. It serves multiple purposes for my craft needs!

So that was my brief and unbaised thoughts on the Knit Picks crochet hooks!

Until next time,

Keep Stitching!