I left the blog unattended again! 

It has been a crazy few months around here! If you have been following me you will be mostly up to date! 

I hope to post regularly again now that things are a bit calmer around here. 

Here are some fun updates!

The entire Etsy shop is 25% off until Mothers Day! So hop over there and take advantage of this awesome sale while it lasts!

I have 5 new colorways of yarn on our worsted weight superwash yarn! My daughter came up with their names so I hope you enjoy!

In the next shop update there will also be some new cute project bag prints! I have been stock piling cute fabric, so I can’t wait to share them with you!

In other news, I received my first box of the Mercantile Block of the Month quilt and I CAN’T wait to have a finished quilt in my hands!

After I finish the one I started last month, which is almost done! Its so pretty and will be all mine! The last quilt I made was for my daughter and the next two are gifts for my husband and the other is for his friends getting married soon!

There will be lots of fun and new things happening this summer, I am really looking forward to posting more frequently, I miss sharing my monthly favorite things. I should start doing that again!

As always, 

Keep Stitching!



Oh boy lots has happened since my last update. To be honest I had completely forgotten I even had a blog to share things on because I have been just so busy.

So, lets start with the least new and least interesting and work our way up. 

Christmas was awesome!! Hubby did good and got me the most adorable cat stitch markers from FireFly Notes on Etsy, they are perfect for chunky knitting and who doesn’t like cat ears?

Other things that happened was I knitted the My Beginner Raglan sweater by Knitatude, which is so comfy and cozy during the colder days!https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Knitatude?ref=pr2018_faveshops

I also started some pattern tests for AbbyeKnits and Payneless Ideas but Christmas knitting and special orders got put infront so I am still working through them as well.

I did a couple of larger shop updates that you can see here. It was fun getting a lot of these done. I am finishing up my selfish knits this week, fingers crossed, but the goal is to finish them as soon as possible so I can start working on other things.

I have some hat and mitten patterns ready for testing (so if you’re interested please let me know) and I have a collaboration planning for launch with Kelly from Spindle and Co for this February!

Anyway, this was your quick update, here’s do a brand new year and although I am 16 days into things, I am hoping all of you are having a wonderful start to it!

Keep Stitching!



It is been so long since I have done a tutorial, let alone design a pattern of my own. 
I fell in love with the pointy style mittens long ago and decided it was high time I made a pattern for myself that used bulkier yarn. Not only does it knit faster, it is super cute too. 

So, these cozy mittens will be a fast, easy and simple addition to any Christmas gift this year. I also took the time to knit one up for a video tutorial. So sit down with a cup of tea and knit with me!

The Simply Easy Mittens

What you will need:
1 Skein of Bulky Weight Yarn
6.5mm Double Point Needles (Or circulars for Magic Loop)
Stitch markers
Tape Measure
Waste yarn
Darning Needle

K – Knit
P – Purl
K2tog – Knit two together
M1 – Make one
M1L – Make one left
M1R – Make one right
PM – Place marker
SM – Slip marker
RM – Remove marker


Cast on 24 stitches
1. K2, P2 for 14 rows or for however long you would like the cuff to be.
15. K12, M1, K12

Thumb Gusset
16. K14, PM, M1R, K2, M1L, PM, K to end of row
17. Knit
* Repeat rows 16 and 17 until there are 8 stitches between the markers
Using darning needle and waste yarn, slip the yarn into the stitches between the markers before removing them
Next row, K to first marker, RM, then slip 8 stitches on the waste yarn off the needle, RM, K to end of row

K round each row for approx 5 inches, or 1 inche shorter than desired length

Hand Decreases
The top of this mitten is knitted on two needles. 
K 12 stitches onto first needle, then K12 onto the second
Next row: K2tog in the back loop, K to 2 stitches from the end of needle 1, K2tog in the front loop. Repeat on needle 2. 
Next row: Knit
Repeat these two rows until there are 8 stitches (4 on each needle) left.  
Cut yarn, leaving an 8 inch tail, pull through remaining stitches and weave in ends. 

Slip stitches from waste yarn on to 2 needles and pick up 2 stitches on either side. 
Knit in the round for 2 1/2 inches 
K2tog around, cut yarn, weave in ends, closing up any holes from the thumb. 

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial. I hope I can create more videos, maybe a bit shorter next time!

Until then, 

Keep Stitching!



Sorry things have been so quiet here this past few weeks! We’ve all been either sick or running around like crazy! Who knew some snow on the ground and colder weather would cause us to become so busy-busy!

But its raining today, the snow is gone and I realized I have been neglecting my blog and the countdown!!

Since Christmas is less than a month away (EEK!) here are some excellent last minute gifts that you can make yourself and are suitable for all budgets!!

Last Minute Hat Free Knitting Pattern
How to turn your old sweaters into new mittens
Garter Stitch Hat Free Knitting Pattern #knittingpatternsquick
Skip the plastic and make your own beeswax-free food wraps with a special vegan alternative to beeswax. These wraps preserve foods for weeks and are reusable for months! Easy, free food wrap “baggie” pattern download for half-eaten avocados, sandwiches and more. #beeswaxfoodwrap #beeswaxwraps #veganfoodwraps
One Skein Hat Knitting Pattern : Daring by Brome Fields
From stockings, to pillows, to ornaments and decorations. More than 25 cute things to sew for Christmas!
Free Knitting Pattern for Sandhills Basket - These baskets are soft and flexible with just enough firmness. The pattern can be adapted to any size basket using jumbo yarn, 2 strands of super bulky yarn, or upholstery cording as shown. Finished Measurements of Small (Large) Baskets: Circumference: 32 (47)” 81 (119)cm, Diameter: 12 (15)” 30.5 (38)cm, Total Height: 10 (13)” 25.5 (33)cm. Designed by Winnie Marie Designs.